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Here are a few questions we are asked about Property Styling and Staging :

How do I get started?2019-08-20T09:10:45+00:00

Arrange an appointment with DesigntoSell free of charge to view your property and discuss your requirements, timeframe and budget. We will then discuss the services DesigntoSell can offer you.

What is Property Styling and Staging?2020-09-03T12:27:03+00:00

It is, quite simply, the process of professionally presenting a property for sale in order to achieve the best possible price within the shortest time frame and to achieve maximum appeal to the largest number of buyers.

Why Stage?2021-05-30T02:01:09+00:00

There are always ups and downs in the real estate market. However, sales are always achievable. Property styling and staging will give you the competitive edge while aiming to achieve the best possible price within the shortest possible time frame.  Statistics show staged properties sell for up to 15% more than comparable un-staged properties. And staged homes sell 30% – 50% faster than un-styled similar properties.

Property styling and staging will also achieve psychological buyer appeal, allowing buyers to walk into a property and imagine themselves living in their dream home. Statistics show that approximately 90% of buyers can’t visualise a property and how they wish to live in it when it is vacant, hence the demand for styling and staging. Buyers want to see and experience a beautiful home.

And staging is an essential part of a sales campaign , creating beautiful photographs, the first point of contact with potential buyers.

Why DesigntoSell?2019-08-20T09:19:54+00:00

With a proven track record of success and formal qualifications in Interior Design, we have the knowledge and experience to present your property to achieve the maximum sale price within the shortest possible time frame.

Top presentation can only add to the value of your property. So investing in DesigntoSell is investing in the value of your real estate. And with the option of furniture and accessories rental we will transform your property into the dream home buyers are looking for.

What does it cost?2024-05-09T01:27:59+00:00

Each property is unique and below is a guide to pricing only.  Cost will depend upon the particular package you choose.  Integrated and Partial Styling packages may fall lower than the indicative pricing guide.  It will also depend upon such things as the size and overall condition of the property, location,  the style of the property, any access issues and the time required to complete the installation . An estimation of pricing for staging a property is as follows:

1 bedroom apartment $2500- $3000 + GST

2 bedroom apartment $3000  – $3500 + GST

3 bedroom apartment/house $3500 – $5000+ GST

4+ bedroom house $5000 – $7500 + GST

Prices are inclusive of :

An initial consultation & free quote

A 6 week hire period – 4 weeks plus two weeks free (unless a different hire period is on offer at the time)

Delivery, installation, pack up

Insurance is an optional extra through the hire company

A 20% refundable security deposit is then added to the overall cost

Will I be charged for the initial consultation?2019-03-27T19:01:24+00:00

No, the initial consultation is free. We will sit down and discuss your requirements, time frame and budget and then offer you a list of the services that we can offer you.

What types of services are on offer?2023-08-18T08:35:48+00:00

DesigntoSell offers a number of packages as outlined on our services page. One of the services on offer includes a presale property consultation which could include de-cluttering and optimal furniture placement advice, advice on trade work needed including cleaning, painting, landscaping and garden maintenance, skip hire and rubbish removal and storage options.

We will also work alongside your real estate agent in terms of the schedule for professional photography. DesigntoSell also offers a Lights On service where the stylist enters the property to switch on lights, style and inspect the property prior to viewing to ensure that it is clean and ready for inspection by potential buyers.  The first lights-on service is free of charge but must be pre-booked.  Any additional lights-on services are at an additional $150 fee per service which is to be pre-booked and paid prior to the service date. This service can include switching on lights, re-styling of beds, ensuring optimum air flow and temperature setting and ensuring each room is ready for open homes. This entails approximately 1.5 – 2 hours of the stylist’s time for set up and again for pack up before and after the open home.

For our DesigntoStay Interior Decorating Service contact us via phone or email. We’ll send you our DesigntoStay Questionnaire to collect your details and gauge what services you are looking for and what colours and styles you really love! We’ll then make a discovery phone call to get to know you even more and let you know in detail the services we can offer you. We’ll then send on our contract and design brief detailing exactly how we intend to approach and deliver on the services you require while also indicating the forecasted budget for your project. Whether you require a one off design consultation, mood board inspiration, a shopping experience or a full design package, DesigntoStay is the service for you!


How is Property Styling and Staging different to interior design?2019-03-27T19:05:56+00:00

Interior design is the space planning and styling of a property to suit the needs and aspirations of the occupiers. Property staging is geared towards styling a property solely for the purpose of selling, with the aim of presenting a property to appeal to a broad range of buyers and achieve maximum selling price within the shortest possible time frame.

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